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Gas prices too high? Put on the brakes and settle in to Comedy Central’s new series, "American Body Shop," a half-hour narrative that explores the completely dented world of car maintenance, body work and the people who toil in it. "American Body Shop" premieres on Sunday, July 8 at 10:30 p.m.
    Automotive Service Association (ASA) members recently attended the BASF Refinish Technologies review following BASF’s meeting with General Motors Corp. BASF and GM annually review BASF refinish coating products being used by GM dealers and independent repairers. ASA attended in response to an invitation from Joseph Skurka, BASF manager of OEM and Industry Relations.
After extensive testing, Akzo Nobel has received confirmation from Toyota Motor Corporation Japan of the waterborne repair products meeting their specification.
Project Graduation, now in its fourth year, recently provided all-night fun for graduates of Ironwood Ridge High School in Tucson, Arizona. The program, which depends on a partnership between school administration, parents, law enforcement and the business community, began at 9 p.m. May 22 and concluded with the car raffle at 5 a.m. the following morning.
    It is a common practice for many Automotive Repair Dealers (ARDs) to list individual prices for each separate part replaced and each repair/service performed on the invoice. While this has been the industry’s standard of practice for many years, a few ARDs expect customers to pay lump-sum bills without question, and the applicable regulation has been subject to differing interpretations.
    Registered Automotive Repair Dealers (ARDs) may schedule free Write it Right presentations by contacting BAR program representatives at any of the 12 field offices located throughout the State. Office numbers are listed on the back page of the Auto Repair & Smog Check News or through the website, www.smogcheck.ca.gov.