Paddock’s Does Million-Dollar Jobs, Every Car Painted with SATA Guns (article continued)

Paddock said SATA spray guns have been in the equation since nearly day one, a decision he has surely never regretted.

“In my high school’s auto body program, I used another brand because I didn’t know any better. One day, a coworker at a shop where I was working was spraying with a SATA gun, and I asked him can I use it? It was amazing and I have never considered using a different gun since that day.”

Now he owns a dozen SATA guns, all of which play a different role as he restores highly collectible Duesenbergs, Packards and old Bugattis.

In just 20 days, Rob Paddock did a complete rebuild job on this 1935 Delage D8 that won the French Cup at Pebble Beach, all painted with SATA guns.

“I love the way the SATA guns fit in my hand,” Paddock said. “With many of the cars I paint, I’m shooting at 90 degrees into crevices, which can be difficult. It also depends on the fan in many cases. I have it opened wide sometimes, and then I have to pin it down a little bit depending on the contours of the vehicle I am painting.”

Paddock has developed his own style of painting over the years.

“I kind of spray differently than many people who think I’m kind of crazy,” he said. “I use a 1.2 tip versus a 1.3 or 1.4 when I am spraying clear coat because it atomizes better and lays out nicely. That way, I’m not just pounding material on whatever. In addition, I am using less material with the SATAs. With these high-end cars, I will put four to even six coats on a car but I’m putting less on at a time because it just lays out much better.”

Paddock also values the customer service offered by SATA, even though he has only needed it once, he said.

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