Mountain View Auto Has More Time with Customers Thanks to CCC (article continued)

“CCC ONE is used by most insurers we work with, so we can automate a lot of the administration of the repair process and get paid quicker,” he said. “CCC ONE is so fast that we spend less time in front of the computer and more time helping our customers.”

Daniel is a member of the CCC ELEVATE program, which offers repair facilities guidance on industry best practices and maximizing the return on investment for the CCC ONE Total Repair Platform.

“The CCC Elevate team has helped us with processes to reduce our cycle time and automating our parts procurement so we can better serve the needs of our customers,” he said.

Daniel added that Mountain View Auto built a great relationship with CCC and looks forward to the future.

Pictured is the teardown section, where Mountain View Auto owner Mike Daniels said technicians disassemble 100% of the damaged area of the vehicle to create a repair plan.

Regarding community involvement, Daniel said Mountain View Auto sponsors various athletic clubs, including the Wayne Boys and Girls Club.

“We buy the uniforms for the kids, things like that,” he said. “We do our part to help them get out there and play.”

Daniel is also one of 12 Passaic County Technical Institute automotive committee members.

“Once a month, we talk with the instructors, principal and superintendent about the budget, the latest vehicle technology and what they should add to the curriculum to get the kids ready for this ever-changing industry,” he explained. “With that, we have the opportunity to select students to work with us either through a work-study or summer program so that they can get hands-on experience.”

Daniel said, unfortunately, out of a 30- to 40-person first-year class, only about 10% stay in the industry.

“As committee members, we need to look internally and see where these kids get placed and what kind of work they’re shown,” he said. “I don’t think many collision repair students see a path to financial comfortability and success.”

Daniel said it starts with the family enforcing outdated stereotypes.

“We need to show parents that this industry has changed; if you’re on the tech side, you rarely get dirty---you’re on the computer diagnosing cars,” he explained. “And even if you’re getting dirty and using your hands, as an A Tech, you can make $40-$45 an hour.”

Daniel emphasized that people in the collision repair industry can make good money and provide for a family.

“You don’t have to work in a subpar shop with dust everywhere,” he said. “Many shops, especially around me, have invested in equipment and technology that allow for a clean work environment.”

Daniel concluded that collision repair is a “lost art,” and he hopes more tech students have a chance to experience the many opportunities in this industry.

CCC Intelligent Solutions
Company Contact: Mark Fincher
(877) 208 -6155

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