Lucid Motors’ debut product, the Lucid Air, was named 2022 MotorTrend Car of the Year.

Lucid Air Features Unique Design, Repair Considerations (article continued)

“The car triggers a lot of calibrations but is fairly forgiving as far as calibration goes,” noted Rodenroth. 

The Snap-on TruPoint System with Lucid diagnostic and specific targets are used for static calibrations and the maximum space requirement is approximately 15 feet wide by 30 feet long. 

Vehicle Charging 

As repair shops set up charging stations, Rodenroth recommends at least a level 2 charger. 

“Level 1 is a very slow charging process with only 7.2 miles of range per hour of charge,” he explained. “Level 2 is faster and has 43.2 driving miles per hour of charging.” 

If a station is installed in a shop’s parking lot, Rodenroth suggests adding it to the PlugShare EV charging station mobile app to attract EV owners to their business. 

“In that app, people take pictures of themselves charging their cars so you can see the environment,” he said.

Lucid offers an 80-amp charger---the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station---with 86.4 miles per hour of charging. Level 3 charging (DC) has 900 V+ architecture, enabling the Lucid Air to charge 300 miles in 20 minutes. 

Rodenroth said Lucid’s Wunderbox provides the fastest charging in the industry. Fully integrated and compatible with nearly all public charging stations, the battery management system is capable of bidirectional charging. 

“In the event of a power outage, a fully-charged Lucid Air can keep your home powered for days due to the bidirectional charging capabilities of the Wunderbox,” he said.

Lucid Body Repair Network 

Currently, about 74 body shops are in Lucid’s Body Repair Network program. 

“We're scaling that with production,” said Rodenroth. “As we fill orders, we look where those cars are going and what our coverage looks like.”

With aggressive production goals, Rodenroth said the OEM wants to add additional shops to the network that can be trusted to repair these vehicles properly. 

“We are fiercely protective of our certified network,” said Rodenroth. “I hold our shops to a standard; I also protect them.”

His call to action to shops is to look at what they are doing to change their business and inspire employees to take training and be great at what they do.


Earlier this year, the company launched the Lucid Air Structural Certification hands-on course to help shops prepare for the launch of the Air. About 76% of shops are expected to be certified by year-end.   

“There's no better way to learn the car than going through this,” said Rodenroth.

Lucid also offers Mechanical, Electrical and Trim Level 2 Certification (MET) courses facilitated by the Lucid service training team. The course provides technicians a look at Lucid Air systems, including ADAS and calibration, closures, subframe and drive units, high-voltage and 12V systems, interior trim, supplemental restraint system and wheels/tires and TPMS system. 

Plans are in place for an advanced diagnostic class and an aluminum cosmetic repair course. 

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