Friday, 09 October 2009 13:19

CAA says California Agencies Stepping Up Enforcement

The California Autobody Association (CAA) has been in contact with various regulatory agencies and recently attended a meeting concerning inspections of auto body shops in Sacramento and San Jose by the Economic and Employment

Enforcement Coalition (EEEC), a coalition from EDD, CalOsha, and Department of Industrial Relations.
These inspections will continue and shops should review whether they are compliant with these agencies.


The CAA will be setting up presentations with the EEEC for many chapters starting the first quarter 2010 to review any changes and updates with these agencies.

The following are the most common violations from the recent EEEC inspections:

• Not having up to date workers comprehensive coverage.
• Not providing deduction statements for employees.
• Not paying minimum wages.
• Not documenting meals and rest periods.
• Not reporting or submitting proper paperwork for employees.
• Work permit for minors under 18 not filed (obtain from school district)
• Unsecured compressed gas cylinders.
• Spray booths not equipped with manometers.
• Electrical panels must have proper covers over circuit breakers and all
switches must be installed (fines start @ $18,000).
• Painter masks must be fit tested and certificates on file.
• Frayed electrical cords.

The above are only a few of potential violations. The following are websites that CAA members can go to and review what is required by each of these agencies.

Employment Development Department

CalOsha www.calosha &
Labor Board www.labor.ca.gov
Department of Industrial Relations www.dir.ca.gov
Department of Toxic Substances Control www.dtsc.ca.gov
Internal Revenue Service www.irs.gov

If you have any questions, please call the CAA state office.

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