Wednesday, 16 September 2009 16:56

CAA Says "Help Stop More Tax Increases"

The CAA has released an appeal to its members which reads as follows:

You may have read about the Commission on the 21st Century Economy, a blue ribbon tax panel tasked with finding ways to modernize California’s tax system.
What hasn’t gotten much news media attention are some of the specific tax changes that are very alarming for California taxpayers. Proposals under serious consideration include a property tax change that could lead to higher taxes for employers and higher rents for small businesses and average Californian and a doubling of the state gas tax that would cost billions every year. 

One of the more disturbing proposals for our members is known as the Business Net Receipts Tax (BNRT). It would essentially overhaul the state’s business tax structure. But the actual proposal remains vaguely defined. In fact, the only thing that IS clear is that no one, including its proponents, really knows how it would actually work, who it would hurt or what the final consequences of such a change would be.  Click here to read more about these proposals.
It’s astounding that these proposals are even on the table given that California continues to suffer from the worst economic downturn since World War II, unemployment has hit historic levels and we’ve already been hit with $12.5 billion in tax increases this year alone. And CNBC ranked California 49th out of all states for the cost of doing business, citing our state’s tax burden as one of the major causes.
The California Autobody Association has joined with Californians Against Higher Taxes in their efforts to fight these very serious threats to California taxpayers. CAHT, led by the California Chamber of Commerce and more than 100 other organizations and businesses, is organizing the fight against higher taxes statewide. You can find out more about CAHT on their website: www.MoreJobsNotTaxes.com
But make no mistake – the proposals we are fighting together are serious and the clock is ticking. The commission is scheduled to submit its report by September 20 and then it will be up to the Legislature.
The tax commission and your legislators need to hear from you today. Click here to send a letter.
Both bodies need to hear directly from taxpayers like us that any further increase in the tax burden will hurt, not help, our struggling economy.
Send your letter today.
Then forward this email to your friends and colleagues, asking them to send a letter as well.
Please act today – September 20 is just around the corner and we need your help to stop these harmful proposals in their tracks.

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