Wednesday, 19 August 2009 08:29

California AB 1200 Near a Vote, Contact Your Representatives

The California Autobody Association (CAA) is asking its membership to send letters to both their Senators and Assemblymembers in
opposition of AB 1200. This bill could be heard on the Senate and Assembly floors within the next few weeks.

The CAA is very concerned that AB 1200, as proposed, would allow insurers to legally “steer” the insured or claimant to an insurer
preferred repair shop even after an informed consumer has clearly made a choice as to where the vehicle should be repaired. This bill
would override current law which prohibits insurers from “steering” the insured or claimant to an insurer preferred shop after the

informed consumer has selected a repair shop.

The CAA website at www.calautobody.com has a copy of the CAA opposition letter for your review, links to your legislators, and a copy of AB 1200. Please take the time to write a letter to your Senator and Assemblymember to voice your opposition to this bill before it gets to the Governors desk.

The CAA believes that consumers should have meaningful choice, that insurers should not disparage the consumer’s choice of repair
shop, and that consumers should be fully informed of all benefits provided by their auto body repair shop.


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