Wednesday, 08 July 2009 15:59

California SB 350 (Crash Parts) and SB 427 (Automotive Repair and Crash Parts) Held in Committee

The California Autobody Association (CAA) would like to thank their members for meeting with Senator Yee (SB 350) and Senator Negrete McCloud (SB 427) and educating them regarding the issues surrounding aftermarket crash parts. Both SB 350 and SB 427 are going to be held in Committee and are now two-years bills. They could possibly be back next year in some form or another.

“CAA members definitely did not want these bills on the Governors desk this year,” states David McClune, CAA Executive Director. “We have been very successful the last few years in stopping similar bills and thanks to our membership who met with legislators to educate them on our issues, these bills have been stopped. The CAA took the lead this year, as we have in previous years, to stop bills that would duplicate existing regulations and go as far as defining certified aftermarket parts equal to OE, requiring shops to hand over copies of their invoices, and providing language on their final invoices that no other businesses are required to do. We do feel that the aftermarket parts issues need to be addressed but it has to be mutually beneficial to the consumer, shop, and insurer. We will continue to work with both Senators and with our members regarding these bills.”

Although SB 350 (Yee) was amended to simply codify existing law and regulations regarding aftermarket crash parts, this bill could have been amended at any time during the session and could have become a problem bill.

SB 427 (Negrete McLeod) had been continually amended this year and was ultimately viewed as an unnecessary bill the way it was
written. The Governor had vetoed similar bills in the past as unnecessary and a duplicate of existing law.
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