Thursday, 29 January 2009 11:44

CAA Sanctions Green Shop Certification Through GRC-Pirk’s program

David McClune, Executive Director of the California Autobody Association (CAA) announced an agreement with GRC-Pirk Management for members to acquire Certified Green Investment (CGI) qualifications on Jan. 19.

   “CAA has always led in efforts to keep shops eco-friendly and environmentally responsible, and now we have the means to validate our venture,” said David McClune. “Our shops can now exhibit evidence that they care for the environment and the community they serve.”
    Qualified CAA members receive a 2’ x 3’ certification poster imprinted with official EPA, State and municipal “green” partnership seals of recognition for public display.
    “With official certification, shops have an effective way to attract consumers in an eco-friendly way. But no matter if they invest in equipment or trees, eco-consciousness has become an established movement. Attracting customers with evidence of green investment confirms shop credibility,” said Steven Schillinger, President of GRC-Pirk Management. “Licensed professionals certify that CAA members have attained an environmental assessment sufficient to display recognition of accredited “green” government partnerships and programs.”
McClune stated, “Part of our mission is to provide integrity to our members. We want our members to be properly certified so their employees and customers are aware of the shop’s commitment to the environment when it comes to repairing cars. Ecological excellence for our concerned members is top priority. We will work to expand environmental reliability in the state of California.”
    To read about GRC-Pirk’s program, see http://www.autobodynews.com/images/Web_PP4/w_paintprimer_0708_pt1.pdf.  
    For further information visit www.ReComply.com or www.certifiedgreeninvestment.com. Contact Steven Schillinger at 888/374-7475, Reno NV, or David McClune at 800/454-3368 or www.calautobody.com