Tuesday, 14 April 2009 10:14

CRA and Commissioner's Top Staff Hold 90-Minute Meeting

Left to right: Richard Steffen, Erik Sumen, Luis Alonso, Lee Amaradio, Nathan Simmons and Allen Wood, outside of Commissioner Steve Poizner's San Francisco office

Bigger News to Come

After a 90-minute session with the Insurance Commissioner's top enforcement officials yesterday, CRA leaders expressed cautious optimism for a regulatory environment that will curtail unfair insurance claims practices.

"We weren't encouraged going into the meeting, but we left confident that a few specific  concerns were heard and that a new strategy is in the making regarding  successful enforcement of existing laws designed to protect claimants; i.e., our customers," stated Lee Amaradio, CRA president.

"The outcome remains uncertain, but at least we have a sense of how to direct our efforts. Talk to me in two months and I'll be more forthcoming."

CRA lobbyist Richard Steffen stated that details of the discussion would remain confidential. Participating from the commissioner's staff were Adam Cole, General Counsel; Bill Gausewitz, Chief Counsel; Jose Aguilar, Assistant Chief Counsel; Teresa Campbell, Senior Staff Counsel,; and Drake Shogun, Special Assistant. 

 Aside from Amaradio and Steffen, the CRA representatives were Luis Alonso, Pan American Auto Body, San Jose;  Erik Sumen, Spectrum Collision, Irvine; Nathan Simmons  C & C Collision, Pasadena and Allen Wood, executive director.

Wood added, "The emphasis was on finding solutions that work.  We're way past the point of filing up the complaint inbox."

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