Thursday, 29 May 2008 09:48

CRA asks members to Voice Opposition to California AB 2825

In a final hour maneuver, CAPA and other groups behind AB 2825 (Carter) have amended an already burdensome measure and made it worse. Please read the adjoining amendments that went into the bill.

The State Assembly will vote on this measure either this Thursday or Friday. May 30 is the deadline for passage of the bill from the State Assembly.

The CRA is urging its members to voice their opposition to AB 2825 immediately by calling their representative in the State Assembly. If you don't know your Assembly representative, or need a phone number, please consult the Assembly Roster. The amendments duplicate existing law while requiring that all invoices from the distributor or manufacturer for crash parts of $50 or more be attached to the customer's final invoice. In other words, the customer would know how much you have marked up the cost of crash parts. If you fail to attach invoices, you could be charged with fraud. CRA is opposed to AB 2825. 


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