Tuesday, 27 September 2011 21:18

California DMV Gets its own Reality TV show

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is getting ready for their very own reality show! The show is going to focus on the field offices up and down California.

The show will be called ‘California DMV: Field Offices’ and it will premiere on TruTV. The show is co-produced by new ‘Two And A Half Men’ star Ashton Kutcher. The show will look at what its like to work at one of the few state departments that touches nearly every Californian. The DMV show will shoot from several offices up and down California but there is no official premier date yet.

Billed as a "fun and fast paced" series, the countless mental meltdowns that erupt at DMVs around the country should prove entertaining for the home viewer. The show will focus on "hard-working personnel who deal with everything from issuing licenses and registering vehicles to maintaining accident records and investigating complaints."

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