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Sunday, 02 March 2008 04:19

Cushenbery’s Silhouette II Mystery Car is Back

Car customizer Bill Cushenbery is a legendary character and the fate of his hand-built bubble-top all aluminum sports car—the Silhouette II—has been shrouded in mystery for 35 years. After splitting with financial partners in 1964, the car was sold,  and thus began the saga of the lost Silhouette II. Bill retained the bubble top and doors thinking the car couldn’t be finished without the parts and he could ultimately get the car back, but the car essentially disappeared.

Over the years, there numerous sightings, but it was never located by Cushenbery. He had several close calls in which he all but had the car in his hands but it slipped away.

    According to Carl Green, a talented customizer in his own right, the Silhouette II project was a love/hate relationship for Cushenbery. He wanted to finish it, but felt it had been violated. Cushenbery was convinced that “somebody had finished the car.”

    After 35 years the car was found and that is a story in itself. Now at Huntington Beach Bodyworks, it is being restored by Rich Evans, Carl Green, and Gene Winfield, among others. As Evans reports on the restoration, Autobody News will tell the fascinating story of the Mystery Car.

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