Monday, 31 December 2007 09:00

California Auto Insurance Bills to Become Law

During the regular 2007 legislative session, a number of property/casualty insurance-related bills were considered and approved by lawmakers. Following are enacted 2007 bills (with brief summaries) that will become law January 1, 2008:


AB 645 (Feuer) Traffic Violation: Adjudication.   AB 645 prohibits courts from concealing (masking) two-point traffic violations under the Vehicle Code.  Examples include reckless driving, DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, speed contests and driving on the wrong side of a divided highway.  

AB 758 (Plescia) Vehicles: Traffic Violator Schools.  AB 758 requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to submit a report to the Legislature containing a comprehensive plan by which the licensing of all driving instruction programs may be consolidated under the authority of the DMV.    

AB 797 (Coto) Insurance Agents.  AB 797 creates a limited lines automobile insurance agent license. 


AB 808 (Parra) Vehicles: Licensure Application or Renewal.  AB 808 requires that, as a condition of obtaining or renewing a driver's license, the applicant sign a declaration regarding driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and the potential charges that could result from killing a person as a result of a violation.

SB 7 (Oropeza) Smoking in Vehicles with Minor Passengers.  SB 7 prohibits smoking a pipe, cigar or cigarette in a motor vehicle, whether in motion or at rest, in which there is a minor.

SB 629 (Correa) Automobile Insurance Peace Officers.  SB 629 repeals current law that requires any peace officer or firefighter who has been involved in an accident to submit to his or her private automobile insurer a declaration stating whether he or she was operating an emergency vehicle while on duty at the time of the accident.