Wednesday, 06 July 2011 15:00

Former San Diego Car Dealer Found Dead In FL Home, Police Call Death 'Suspicious'

Police in Fort Lauderdale, FL, are investigating how a former San Diego County car dealer died in his million-dollar mansion on June 30.

70-year old Ronald Vinci, the former owner of Pacific Honda in Kearny Mesa, owned several dealerships in the San Diego area starting in the 1960s. He also owned several Honda dealerships in the 1960s, rose to millionaire status and then later sold his franchises.

Fort Lauderdale police now believe they found out who killed the former San Diegan.

Police arrested Vinci's live-in girlfriend, Catherine Pileggi on July 5, according to NBC San Diego. Detectives said Vinci was trying to break off his relationship with Pileggi at the time of his death. They believe an argument between Pileggi and Vinci turned fatal.

Homicide detectives arrested Pileggi on July 5 after finding several items linking Pileggi to the scene. Pileggi is charged with first degree murder.

10News San Diego also reported that Vinci's body was wrapped in duct tape when it was found discovered inside the home, which is in an upscale neighborhood along Fort Lauderdale's New River.

Neighbors were stunned by the sudden, reportedly suspicious death.

"We moved here because it is real quiet and slow paced and everybody walks their dogs and says hi to each other. It is a real shock to hear something like this has happened," said neighbor, John Anderson to 10News.

Vinci formerly lived in Rancho Santa Fe, CA; reports showed he moved from San Diego to Florida in 2005.

Vinci leaves behind a son and grandson.

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