Monday, 11 April 2011 15:50

CAWA-Backed Proclamation Signed By Arizona Governor

The California/Nevada/Arizona Automotive Wholesaler's Association (CAWA) sponsored gubernatorial proclamation that recognized the contributions of the aftermarket industry provides to consumers was passed and signed by Arizona Governor Janice Brewer last month.

The proclamation states that the aftermarket industry encompasses all products and services purchased for vehicles after the original sale, including new, recycled and remanufactured replacement parts, tires and accessories, repairs and the tools and equipment necessary to make repairs; the aftermarket industry is a significant sector of the economy with annual aftermarket sales in Arizona of approximately $6 billion and employs approximately 41,000 people; the aftermarket industry supplies consumers with choices for high-quality and affordable replacement parts and services for their vehicles that are fundamental to maintenance and repair; the aftermarket industry historically leads the world in innovation for service equipment, repair procedures, maintenance programs, and safety equipment for the state's fleet of vehicles; the aftermarket industry promotes a long-running, sustainable practice of recycling and utilizing remanufactured and recycled auto parts to conserve materials and energy; the aftermarket industry contributes to greenhouse gas reductions by fostering awareness that a well-maintained vehicle leads to lower tail-pipe emissions; the aftermarket industry is committed to educating motorists about the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance and repair to ensure that vehicles are safer, more dependable and fuel-efficient, by participating in consumer awareness initiatives such as the Car Care Council's "Be Car Care Aware" campaign and the designation of April as National Car Care month.

At the end of the proclamation, Governor Brewer recognized CAWA's contributions to the automotive industry in Arizona.
"We pursued this with her administration to give recognition to the aftermarket, it’s importance and contributions to the economy, environment and the motoring public," said CAWA's President Rodney Pierini.

For more information please visit www.cawa.org.

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