Thursday, 23 December 2010 18:52

South Coast Air Quality Notice Regarding Gas Meters for Spray Booths

Linda Holcomb with the CAA Pasadena/Foothill Chapter sent this notice from the SCAQMD:

"Here is a gift to all of you. Our CAA meetings do have some power and clout.

Open up the attachment: You all have one more year before you have to install non-resettable gas meters for your Spray Booths. There will be Work Shops regarding the Low NOx burner issues. I strongly suggest that we all show up and attend these work shops.

The three CAA meetings that Wayne Barkowski spoke at, and heard our voices speak out about Body Shops not being able to afford to conform to Rule 1147 did make a difference!

You all should now see why it is important to support the CAA and attend your meetings.

Happy Holidays To All,

Linda Holcomb-CAA Pasadena/Foothill President"

To join the CAA please visit www.calautobody.com for more information.

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