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Monday, 13 December 2010 16:23

Toby Chess Asks for Your Contribution for Toys for Marine Families

With one week to go before California Collision Repairers present at least $20,000 worth of toys to the Marine families at Camp Pendleton, Toby is asking the collision community to dig a little deeper.

Says Toby:

  • Hey Everyone:  We are taking the toys to the Marines of the 11th Batallion stationed at Camp Pendleton on December 20th, 2010 and you are all invited to go.  To date, your generosity has purchased $18,450.00 of toys (over a 100 new bikes).  I was hoping for $20,000.00 and still a week to go.    Thanks to the 72 shops (to date) who participated in the toy drive.  A special thanks to Craig Olivera (Kent Automotive), Dick Valentine (Van Tuyl Automotive Group), Steve Morris (Holmes Body Shops) and Tom Williamson (Marina Autobody).

If you want to participate, just reply by e-mail to tcspeedster@yahoo.com

You guys were a great help.  Semper Fi

Herb Lieberman from LKQ SoCal and Keystone sent the following response and a check for $1500:

  • Good evening Toby,
    Thanks for your note on The Toys for the Marines.  I just talked with Todd Hanson and Bob Simcox of
    LKQ SoCal and Keystone. We would like to make up the shortfall to insure you meet your goal for the Toys for the children of the Marines.
    We appreciate the hard work you have done and that of the Collision Repairers for this fine effort and to put you over the top is our pleasure. Being able to join our Collision repair friends in showing our support for the Families of our Service men and women is an honor.
    Please advise where the $1500.00 check should go and to who it should be made out to.
    Herb Lieberman
    LKQ Corporation

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