Tuesday, 16 August 2022 11:32

California’s EV Adoption Rate is Staggeringly Higher Than Rest of the U.S.

Written by William Johnson, Teslarati


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California has an electric vehicle adoption rate of 38.9%, according to a recent study, which shows the Golden State has a staggeringly higher EV market share than any other other U.S. region.

Closest to California’s 38.9% is Florida, which shows a 6.7% market share of EVs.


Various factors can indicate “EV adoption” in a state; percentage of EVs within the U.S. per state, EV ownership per 1,000 drivers, or even EV chargers per capita, to name a few. However, the best answers come when you look at all the factors together. What might be even more confounding is what is leading some states to have more EVs than others.


Axios has the most recent data on EV ownership; it calculated what percentage of all EVs in the U.S were found in each state. Looking at their data, the obvious front runner is California, with 38.9% of all U.S. EVs located there, followed by Florida at 6.7%, Texas at 5.4%, Washington at 4.4% and New York at 3.6%.


The second most recent data comes from the U.S. Department of Energy in 2020, which found how many electric vehicle chargers were available per 100,000 people. Its data looks far different from Axios's, showing Vermont leads the way, followed by Washington, D.C., California, Hawaii and Colorado.


The last data set from Auto Alliance, from 2018, shows EV ownership per capita. It found California leads with 6.3 per 100,000, followed by Hawaii at 2.5, Washington at 2.4, Oregon at 2.2 and Delaware at 1.9.


But why are there such discrepancies in EV adoption? There are a couple of possible factors that could be influencing these states.


Foremost, the trends in this data seem to...

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