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CAA Reports on BAR Advisory Group Committee Meeting


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See the presentation here.  
The next BAR Advisory Group meeting is scheduled for Oct. 20.
Vehicle Safety Inspection Program Regulation Workshop
The BAR held a regulatory workshop regarding the proposed vehicle safety inspection program. The new program, based on the passage of AB 471, is designed to protect consumers when purchasing revived total loss salvage vehicles. 
Many unsuspecting consumers are purchasing rebuilt total loss vehicles that may not have been repaired properly and are unsafe. The new safety inspection combines the brake and lamp program and adds additional safety criteria before total loss salvage vehicles are approved to obtain revived salvage title certificates. 


The salvage vehicle safety inspection consists of the following nine sections: information on technical access and vehicle identification, lighting system, passenger compartment, tires and wheels, braking system, steering and suspension system, body structure inspection, road test and equipment requirements. The vehicle safety technician will also possess ASE certification and pass a license examination.
Comments and concerns included how the program would specifically work and the impact to current brake and lamp licensees. Suggestions included the need for additional inspection requirements such as pre-accident photos showing damage, wheel alignments, measuring, bond or liability insurance requirements for vehicle inspection shops and additional certification requirements for inspectors.


BAR will review all comments and suggestions and make changes accordingly.
See the presentation here.
See the text here.
See the manual here.


Source: CAA


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