Tuesday, 02 August 2022 10:37

CAA Reports on BAR Advisory Group Committee Meeting


...insurers to pay for required repairs, which also causes delays. Comments included allowing shops to also use dedicated email to contact BAR regarding storage issues, instead of only insurers. 


BAR will continue to mediate and educate stakeholders regarding the storage laws and fees.


See the presentation here.  
Enforcement/Licensing Modernization Update 


BAR is in the process of consolidating all DCA regulatory entities into a single licensing and enforcement system. The intent is to modernize business process online.


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BAR-OIS Smog Check Security Update 


BAR is concerned about security risks for computers running on the BAR-OIS. BAR is recommending all BAR-OIS users move to Windows 10 or Windows 8.1. BAR-OIS will be certified for use on Windows 11 at a date to be announced.


See the presentation here.
STAR Smog Check Program Changes


Changes include deleting outdated Gold Shield provisions, modifying existing equipment and eligibility standards, and establishing a STAR certification suspension rather than invalidation process.


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2022 Smog Check Performance Report


BAR reported vehicles certified by “high performing” smog check stations failed at lower rates at roadside inspections compared to vehicles certified by stations with lower FPR scores. BAR and CARB believe smog could be reduced if all stations operated as effectively as high performing stations.


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Enforcement Statistics


Consumer complaint trends as of 2021-22 YTD are as follows: engine repair, 34%; general repair and maintenance, 18%; auto body, 15%; transmission, 8%; smog, 6%; used car transactions, 5%; vehicle warranty, 5%; unlicensed activity, 2%; towing and storage, 1%.


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Licensing Statistics


The BAR currently has...