Tuesday, 19 July 2022 12:03

Tesla’s Fremont Factory Produces its 2 Millionth Car

Written by Joey Klender, Teslarati


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Tesla’s Fremont Factory in Northern California has produced its 2 millionth car: a Red Multi-Coat Model 3 Performance.

The Fremont Factory was once Tesla’s main manufacturing plant and could still be considered that today, as it produces all four electric models and was the automaker’s initial production facility in the U.S.


Since Tesla moved its headquarters from nearby Palo Alto, CA, to Austin, TX, late last year, the Fremont Factory has continued to be one of the automaker’s crucial facilities and may even be the subject of a future expansion project.


On July 18, the factory built its 2 millionth vehicle since Tesla assumed ownership of it in 2010, according to one employee at the plant who told Teslarati.


Tesla employees there also received a small card to commemorate their hard work.


In March 2020, Tesla built its 1 millionth vehicle, a red Model Y---not the millionth vehicle to roll out of Fremont but Tesla’s millionth unit produced in its history.


Since 2020, Tesla has opened two new factories, increased manufacturing output at both Fremont and Shanghai with expansion projects, and nearly tripled its quarterly delivery rate from Q1 2020---Q2 2022’s 254,695 deliveries are 2.88 times what Tesla delivered in Q1 2020.


This accomplishment, however, is a real tip of the cap to Tesla and the entire team at Fremont. While the site lacks the necessary space for the world’s most valuable automaker, as Tesla has grown considerably over the past five years, it continues to...

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