Wednesday, 22 June 2022 14:51

EVgo Awarded Grants to Build Fast Chargers for CA Multi-Family Housing


...charger installations that will benefit and be used by MFH residents within disadvantaged communities, low-income communities or a combination of both.


Forth is excited to partner with EVgo in providing outreach and education to communities in California to help increase awareness and understanding of the benefits and availability of electric transportation solutions in their neighborhoods,” said Jeff Allen, executive director of Forth. “Equitable and convenient access to charging infrastructure is a key element of expanding widespread adoption of electric transportation and is a central tenet of our work.”


As part of EVgo’s commitment to Electric for All, EVgo integrates the EPA’s EJ Screening Tool---an environmental justice mapping and screening tool based on nationally consistent data---to identify potential site locations that can increase infrastructure access for low-income individuals, people of color and underserved communities, as these communities tend to have the fewest charging options while experiencing greater impacts of pollution.


Public charging options, and fast charging in particular, can help mitigate this disconnect while fueling the transition to electric by servicing more densely populated areas. In 2021, EVgo achieved its goal to increase such access to charging each quarter and reached a PM2.5 EJScreen demographic score of 51% for its chargers---meaning a majority are within a 10-minute drive of areas with high particulate matter (PM2.5) levels in the air. Today, the company is developing new benchmarking strategies to improve equity and access to its solutions.


For more information around the locations of fast charger’s within EVgo’s charging network, visit www.evgo.com.


Source: EVgo


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