Tuesday, 22 March 2022 09:06

Former Tesla Employee Opens Third-Party EV Repair Business in Seattle

Written by Nehal Malik, Tesla North


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Carl Medlock, who was once a territory manager for Tesla, today owns Medlock & Sons, an aftermarket repair shop in Seattle, WA, that exclusively services electric vehicles (EVs).

Medlock worked for Tesla from 2009 to 2013, helping Elon Musk’s EV startup deliver and service its first production vehicle, the low-volume Roadster. After his departure from Tesla, Medlock put his extensive knowledge of EVs and repair experience to work for himself, reported CNBC.


“We’re one of the only places that someone can go for EVs, electric cars,” said Medlock.


EV adoption is growing at a stellar rate across the world, but repair and service infrastructure for electric propulsion-powered cars is not expanding at the same rate.


Almost every major manufacturer struggles with service and repair in some instances or regions. EV owners often have trouble finding a first-party service location near them, scheduling a service appointment no later than needed, or getting a service appointment in the first place.


When EV owners can’t get an (early enough) appointment with their manufacturer’s service division, they turn to Medlock & Sons. Since he set up shop, Medlock said business has been booming. Today, the establishment is the key place in the Pacific Northwest for owners looking for third-party service.


However, a shop that only services EVs operates quite differently from an average repair shop.


“There are hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tools you need for an ICE [internal combustion engine] repair shop you don’t need here,” said Medlock. “You do need an electrical engineering background or an understanding of diagnostics.”


Medlock’s job can become a lot harder if...

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