Friday, 21 January 2022 14:19

CAA Provides Update on Bills to Watch During 2022 CA Legislative Session


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California's 2022 legislative session has begun and bills are starting to be introduced. 

CAA expects approximately 2,400 new bills to be introduced this year. The deadline for bill introduction is Feb. 18. The legislature is also dealing with the remaining two-year bills. 


CAA will continue to monitor closely and provide updates. Below is a summary.
Legislative Bills
Towing & Storage


AB 294: CAA opposes, unless amended. This bill treats all auto repair facilities as "towing companies" and moves them under a new regulatory Towing and Storage Board. The bill also prohibits auto repair shops from charging fair and reasonable rates for any storage. 


Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee.
Catalytic Converter Theft


AB 1622: This bill would require smog shops to provide signs informing customers about strategies for deterring catalytic converter theft, including etching of identifying information on the converter.


Status: Introduced.  


AB 1659: Revises the definition of auto dismantler to include a person who keeps or maintains two or more used catalytic converters not attached to a motor vehicle.


Status: Introduced. 
Employment Bills


CAA has concerns about AB 95, which would provide for...

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