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Tesla Driver Charged with Felony After Deadly Crash Killing 2

Written by Steven Loveday, Inside EVs


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According to a recent article in The Washington Post and also reported by Electrek, Reuters and other publications, a Tesla owner/driver has been charged with a felony after running a red light with Autopilot engaged, which caused a deadly crash, though it seems Autopilot isn't being blamed for the terrible situation.

This may mark the first time in history a driver has been charged with a felony while driving a car that caused an accident during which advanced driver-assistance features were likely activated. However, the prosecutors in the case don't mention Autopilot.


The Washington Post shared via Electrek: "The defendant appears to be the first person to be charged with a felony in the United States for a fatal crash involving a motorist who was using a partially automated driving system."


The Tesla driver faces two counts of vehicular manslaughter for the accident that occurred a few years ago near Los Angeles. The crash happened in 2019, though the charges were just filed in October.


According to The Washington Post (via Electrek): "California prosecutors have filed two counts of vehicular manslaughter against the driver of a Tesla on Autopilot who ran a red light, slammed into another car and killed two people in 2019."


The driver, 27-year-old Kevin George Aziz Riad, was driving a Tesla Model S on Autopilot when he continued through a red light and crashed into a Honda Civic. One person inside the Model S was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. However, both of the Civic's occupants were killed in the crash: Gilberto Alcazar Lopez and Maria Guadalupe Nieves-Lopez.


While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reportedly confirmed...

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