Tuesday, 14 December 2021 09:34

Donal Howell of California Automotive Teachers Appointed to CAWA's Board of Directors

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Donal Howell, representing the California Automotive Teachers, has been appointed to CAWA’s Board of Directors.

“We are pleased to have Donal as a member of our Board of Directors to participate in our discussions of current and future industry issues," said Mike Mohler, chair of the Board of Directors. “We welcome him as the California Automotive Teachers’ representative and look forward to his participation, which will assist CAWA in achieving its goals as an effective automotive aftermarket industry organization."


Howell spent 27 years in the automotive industry, 20 years of which were spent as a dealership technician, two as a technician in independent shops and the past five as a professor of automotive technology. His many accomplishments include an associate's degree from General Motors ASEP at Fresno City College, ASE Master Technician and Advanced Level Technician in L1 and L3, California smog inspection and repair licensed, Bureau of Automotive Repair certified training instructor and Toyota master diagnostic technician.


As a community college professor, he sees the need for support from and to the automotive industry. His professional life exemplifies continuous improvement which he passes on to students and others he works with in the industry.


Howell enjoys teaching and learning and looks forward to digging deeper into the causes that CAWA supports.


Source: CAWA