Friday, 19 November 2021 20:32

Tesla Launches First Supercharger in Alaska

Written by Mark Kane, Inside EVs

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The first Tesla Supercharging station in Alaska, announced over the summer, is officially open and ready for use in beautiful winter scenery.

It's located in Soldotna, south of Anchorage and, according to Tesla's website, it has four V3 Supercharging stalls (250 kW).


It will be interesting to see how Tesla's expansion will progress in Alaska and in Canada's west coast, as the map does not currently show any stores, galleries, service or collision centers.


Supercharging stations and destination charging points are usually the first basic step when the company is expanding its presence in new markets. Once the number of cars/demand reach a certain level, Tesla adds service centers and stores, but we guess Alaska still might be a bit too small of a market.


It would be great to see Supercharging stations installed on a route from Anchorage to Washington.


Globally, Tesla has deployed more than 30,000 individual Supercharging stalls, while the number of stations is at 3,254 as of the end of the most recent quarter.


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