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California Automotive Teachers (CAT) Sponsors Conference in SoCal

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The California Automotive Teachers Association (CAT) and the Pasadena City College auto technology department will host its fall conference Oct. 16.

The virtual event will be on WebEx, starting at 7:30 a.m. PST. Click here for information.


CAT presents two conferences each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. The spring conference is hosted by a Northern California member school and the fall conference is hosted by a Southern California member school.


The mission of this 56-year-old organization is "to promote the best interests of automotive instruction throughout the state of California."


CAT’s past president and the event’s coordinator Wendy Lucko is looking forward to a successful online conference.


“The CAT Conference is a wonderful opportunity to view the latest tools and technology, meet publishers and listen to other educators and industry professionals,” she said. “Due to the state and local governments making mandates and Pasadena City College mandates, this conference will be held online. This conference, like those before, will prove to be a productive event where you can meet automotive instructors from across the state.”


Lucko is an auto tech instructor at Pasadena Junior College and has been teaching at the school for more than seven years after a long career as a mechanical repair technician. CAT caters almost exclusively to teachers who instruct mechanical repair, but the organization is currently reaching out to invite collision repair teachers and administrators onto their membership roster.


This is a crucial time in California for auto tech schools statewide.


“We are losing programs right and left, and it’s discouraging,” Lucko said. “So, we need to be a strong group and a part of that is by being the best teachers we can. Many of our members have...

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