Friday, 17 September 2021 20:18

CAA Provides Legislative Update


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The California Autobody Association released an update on several bills in the state legislature.

Legislative Bills
AB 471---CAA supports AB 471, which, among other things, allows the BAR to enhance the Auto Shop Locator program by helping consumers to easily identify automotive repair dealers (ARDs) that have training and certification credentials (e.g. ASE, I-CAR); creates an independent panel to review citation appeals; provides for remedial training (e.g., "traffic school") for ARDs that receive citations for minor violations which will prevent the violation from being posted on the BAR website; allows BAR to certify such remedial training providers; and creates the Vehicle Safety Inspection Program for rebuilt salvage vehicles.


Status: Governor's desk.


AB 220---Would expand exemption from smog checks from pre-1976 to pre-1983 vehicles.


Status: Two-year bill. 


AB 467---Would exempt historical vehicles from the smog check program.


Status: Two-year bill. 
Towing & Storage
AB 294---CAA opposes this bill, unless amended. The bill treats ARDs as towing and storage yards and brings them under a new regulatory Towing and Storage Board. The bill also prohibits ARDs from charging fair and reasonable rates for any related storage fees.


Status: Two-year bill.  


The CAA has concerns about the following bills:
AB 95---Would provide 10 days of employee bereavement leave without pay.


Status: Two-year bill.


AB 995---Would extend current three paid sick leave days to five.


Status: Two-year bill. 


AB 1003---Would make it a crime to intentionally fail to pay employee wages.


Status: Governor's desk. 


AB 1041---Employment leave.


Status: Two-year bill.


SB 606---Workplace safety.


Status: Governor's desk.

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