Friday, 27 August 2021 21:24

Tesla Builds First Supercharging Station in Alaska

Written by Mark Kane, Inside EVs
Tesla's Supercharger network. Tesla's Supercharger network.

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Alaska's first Tesla Supercharging station will be opened during the third quarter of this year.

"Timing and location subject to change," Tesla said. "New locations added and timing updated quarterly."


According to the info, there will be a total of four V3 Supercharging stalls, up to 250 kW, which appears to be enough for the location.


Photos of the site were recently shown on Tesla Motors Club, pointing out there are also two destination charging stalls.


A single new station in Alaska is maybe not a big thing compared to the scale of the rest of the network; however, it's a major milestone for EVs that expand to the more challenging parts of the world, where EV adoption is still low.


Later this decade, Tesla will probably be able to offer decent coverage of the main routes in all states.


Hopefully, the stations in Alaska will be as reliable as the rest of the network. As of the end of the second quarter, the company had:


  • 2,966 stations---46% more than a year ago
  • 26,900 individual connectors (stalls)---49% more than a year ago
  • 9.1 connectors (stalls) per station on average---2% more than a year ago


Every quarter, Tesla adds a few hundred more stations and thousands of individual stalls.


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