Wednesday, 18 August 2021 20:13

California Truly Now a Golden State for Dealership Growth

Written by Auto Remarketing Staff


...“completely safe to go to a dealership today” and 42% are “comfortable visiting a dealership within the next month or sooner.”


When looking at the demographics, Urban Science indicated four in 10 adults living in urban areas report they’ll buy within the next year---twice as many as those in suburban and rural areas.


“Since 2010, the dealership network has set a new normal pattern of stability,” said Phillips, who added the data shows 98% of local markets had virtually no net change.


The report went on to note the most significant (net) dealership changes occurred in the following states:


  • California: +24 dealerships
  • Texas: +8 dealerships
  • New York: +5 dealerships
  • Illinois: -2 dealerships
  • Kansas: -2 dealerships
  • Tennessee: -4 dealerships


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