Wednesday, 11 August 2021 09:19

WyoTech Receives $500K Donation

Written by Boomerang Staff


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WyoTech’s WTI Foundation is creating scholarships for students to pursue a top-notch education and training in the automotive technical trade.

WyoTech, a Laramie, WY-based diesel and automotive trade school for those seeking diesel, automotive and collision refinishing careers, received a $500,000 donation July 29 to its foundation from the Todd family.


“The Todd family has always valued education, including vocational education,” Mick Todd said in a press release. “We see this donation as furthering the development of technicians who will keep our economy moving.”


The Todd family has a longstanding history of community involvement and philanthropy, with several charitable donations in Colorado and Wyoming for education. A first-time donor to the WTI Foundation, Todd is continuing the family legacy of community service through this donation.


“These trades are essential to our economy,” Todd said. “They are also high-paying jobs. Many kids have a natural aptitude for these skills, and they should be encouraged to follow their dreams and seek out careers where their strengths are best put to use.”


WyoTech was founded in Laramie in 1966. The goal of the school has always been to provide a high-quality education and training programs for students. WyoTech prepares them for success in the diesel and automotive industry, where the demand for qualified technicians is growing steadily.


WyoTech provides one of the best hands-on training experiences in the nation, with nine-month training programs for diesel and automotive repairs. The WyoTech mechanic program offers...

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