Thursday, 29 July 2021 15:43

Monterey Car Week Celebrates Post-Covid Return of Live Auctions


...(or require) their assistance in writing your car's description.


Understand reserve pricing. Establishing a minimum value you'll accept for your car may protect your financial and emotional interests, but keep in mind vehicles offered with no reserve typically get more attention, and a greater number of bids and sales.


Prepare to be exclusive. Some online auctions require your car not be listed for sale anywhere else. You'll need to remove any advertisements for your car, and agree not to accept offers outside of the auction.


Be responsive and transparent. Bidders seek a level of confidence in your honesty regarding the car, and how easy you'll be to deal with if they win. It's critical to respond to all questions quickly, and be upfront about all mechanical or cosmetic issues.


"As the online 'Amazon Age' continues to encompass every aspect our lives, buying and selling cars through online auctions is likely to gain greater participation across all vehicle categories," Ewing said. "The trend should also help to increase understanding that lease financing is a viable option not only for new cars, but for previously owned exotic, vintage and luxury cars as well."


Source: Premier Financial Services


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