Tuesday, 20 July 2021 16:08

Galpin Motors, Reviver Announce Alliance to Sell Digital License Plates


...compete with anything else a dealer may be offering; in that regard they are truly unique. 


"Rplates add incremental value to the purchasing process," said Neville Boston, Reviver founder and CSO. "Customers notice and compliment them immediately, adding a very positive dynamic to the conversation. Once they understand the Rplate's value, the common response is, 'Why didn't anybody think of this before?'"


Reviver's Rplate and the more advanced Rplate Pro are currently being sold for vehicles registered in California and Arizona and on commercial vehicles in Texas.


Eleven other states are actively engaged in adopting Reviver plates, and Reviver is working with the remaining 36 states and the AAMVA for additional engagements. The company is currently selling Rplates through multiple channels, including automotive dealerships and affinity groups such as Susan G. Komen and the Arizona State University alumni association. 


Reviver's Rplate Pro with its suite of telematic features is positioned to serve small to medium-sized commercial fleets.


The Rplate and Rplate Pro can be reviewed at www.reviver.com.


Source: Reviver


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