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Redwood Materials Opens New Facility Just Miles from Tesla Giga Nevada

Written by Joey Klender, Teslarati


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Redwood Materials, a battery and e-waste recycling venture from former Tesla executive J.B. Straubel, has opened up a new manufacturing facility in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Park, just miles from Tesla’s Giga Nevada production facility.

At Giga Nevada, Tesla has a joint venture with Panasonic to produce electric vehicle batteries. Tesla also manufactures electric motors for the Model 3 there.


In 2017, Straubel founded Redwood Materials to work on the recycling processes of lithium-ion batteries and electronic waste materials. He kept his post as Tesla’s chief technical officer until July 2019, when the company gave him an advisory role.


Over the past several years, Redwood has started to expand its business, taking on new products to recycle like solar panels, and establishing new partnerships and recycling deals with companies like Nissan LEAF battery supplier AESC and Tesla. The partnerships contribute to around 3 GWh annually, equating to about 45,000 cars or 60 tons of waste every day.


With more partnerships and more products being taken on by Redwood in its attempts to expand the recycling of batteries and sustainable energy products, the company recently purchased a 100-acre land plot in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. The purchase of a new property expands Redwood’s potential battery recycling efforts.


With the ever-growing electric vehicle market, battery recycling efforts and ventures will be a highly sought-after entity in the coming years as vehicles begin to reach the end of their life cycle. It goes past EVs because cell phones, laptops, solar panels and other consumer products that use lithium-ion batteries for operation will also need to be sustainably handled at the end of their life cycle.


While Redwood is only a few short years into its journey as a company, it has been working on expanding its potential footprint into the industry. While its initial facility in Carson City, NV, sits just 20 miles south of the new property in Reno-Sparks, Straubel said Redwood is...

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