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Reviver, Future Automotive Group Announce Agreement to Sell Digital License Plates


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ReviverMX, Inc., developer of the world's first digital license plate (DLP), announced it has entered into an agreement with the Future Automotive Group to sell Reviver Rplates through Future Nissan dealerships located in Folsom and Roseville, CA.

The Future-Reviver agreement provides both companies with a path to direct sales of Reviver's Rplate and a shared revenue stream. Rplates will be offered with new Nissan vehicles and through Future Nissan's service lanes. The Rplates provide Future Nissan with a distinct differentiation.


In addition to enhancing a vehicle's technology profile, the Rplates have a very unique look that add a brilliant aesthetic touch.


From a technology standpoint, the Rplate allows owners to conduct contactless DMV transactions while reducing or eliminating paper-based transactions during registration renewal. The registration renewal process is executed over the air through Reviver's proprietary smart-phone app. The Rplate simply updates itself---eliminating the need for traditional stickers. 


Additionally, Rplate owners can also display DMV-approved banner messages and modify the appearance of their Rplates by changing background colors through the app.


"We are very happy to be able to offer our customers Reviver's Rplates," said Kevin Mantz, general manager for Future Nissan. "The Rplate is emblematic of the technology trends in automobiles. Roughly 40% of the cost of vehicles today is dedicated to technology. The license plate is the only remaining element of a vehicle that heretofore remained untouched by technology's advance.


"Rplates look great, and their compliment to Nissan's onboard technology offerings is brilliant."


Reviver and the Future Automotive Group will work together to ensure the success of their alliance. 


"Rplates bring immense value to vehicle sales by helping to ignite conversations about vehicles on showroom floors displaying them," said Neville Boston, Reviver founder and CSO. "In Future Nissan's case, the plates display the Future Nissan logo. When a potential customer sees the Rplate for the first time...

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