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Tesla’s Fremont Factory Workforce Growing

Written by Joey Klender, Teslarati


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Tesla’s Fremont, CA, factory workforce is growing, and the automaker is preparing for it by constructing a new employee parking lot on the southern portion of the 370-acre piece of land it purchased in 2010.

New documents submitted by Tesla to Fremont's local government show the automaker is preparing to turn a large gravel area into a new, secure employee parking location as the company’s employee numbers continue to grow.


Tesla plans to install the new South East Parking Lot at the Fremont Factory after it applied April 15. Currently, the site is a storage area for what appears to be scrap parts, according to an aerial photograph provided by Google Maps. Tesla says in the application it is a “gravel area.”


It is located directly next to Fremont’s Test Track, where Tesla reviews the performance of some of its cars before release.


The application specifically states the gravel area will accommodate a new parking lot, and the fence that currently surrounds the gravel will be relocated. This ensures parking will be secure for Tesla employees, keeping their cars and belongings safe. Tesla's creation of a new parking lot for employees points toward an increase in its workforce at its base plant.


Tesla is coming off a massive increase in employment in 2020 compared to 2019. With new projects and product launches, Tesla could use all the help it can get.


In February, Tesla released its 10-K filing with the SEC detailing the 2020 fiscal year. Within the report, Tesla indicated its “full-time count for our and our subsidiaries’ employees worldwide was 70,757,” a drastic increase compared to 2019, when Tesla indicated it had...

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