Friday, 16 April 2021 09:57

Karma Automotive Celebrates Initial Production Run of 2021 GS-6 Luxury Sedan with 3 Custom Design Themes


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Southern California-based automaker Karma Automotive on April 16 announced the creation of three custom GS-6 vehicle variants with unique tactile branding themes and performance upgrades to commemorate the initial production run of its 2021 GS-6 extended range electric vehicle.

California Design Theme


These GS-6 sedans pay homage to the state of California, where Karma's vehicles are designed and produced. The customized vehicles highlight Karma's new brand positioning and pricing model---one that will provide personalized vehicle options as the company expands its lineup to include the GS-6 Series, the Revero GT and future product offerings yet to be announced.


Each 2021 GS-6 Special Edition vehicle was designed by Karma's design staff in Irvine, CA, and assembled at Karma's Innovation and Customization Center (KICC), the company's production facility in Moreno Valley. Each special edition sedan features a combination of custom badging and color combinations from the Karma Design staff. 


Performance Modifications


The special edition vehicles will also have various performance modifications which will enhance the driving experience. Upgraded motors with higher copper content used to increase the amperage will work to boost the top speed to an electronically-limited 135 miles per hour and decrease their 0-60 times to sub-4 seconds.


Torque vectoring is employed to selectively redistribute power to the wheels providing optimal hold, making for a fast and effectively balanced system. The vehicle's advanced user interface/user experience (UI/UX) system integrates special Launch and Track modes to sharpen the vehicle's handling dynamics. The system monitors and displays...

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