Thursday, 08 April 2021 21:17

As Theft of Catalytic Converters Rises, Placer County Sheriff's Office, Auto Body Shop Team Up

Written by Andie Judson, ABC 10 News

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Every new car in California has a catalytic convertor. They help keep the air clean by converting smog, but are also a hot commodity for thieves.

"Catalytic converters have always been sought out by thieves for years," said Angela Musallam of the Placer County (CA) Sheriff's Office. "Over the last year, we've seen a spike in that."


In 2021, the Placer County Sheriff's Office said they've documented 57 converters being stolen in the county. But they estimate it's more, with many not reporting the theft and just going straight to their auto body shop to get their car fixed.


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