Friday, 26 March 2021 23:02

PG&E, BMW Group Taking Next Step in Powering EVs, Supporting Grid Reliability


...customers through vehicle-grid-integration applications that enable smart charging and demand response. Optimizing charging with renewable energy was the focus of the second phase.


Initial tests of renewable optimizations showed participants averaged more than 55% of renewable energy charging, more than double the national average at the time.


Highlights from the ChargeForward phase two pilot include:


  • More than 1 million miles were powered by 100% renewable energy charging during a one-year period
  • Smart charging EVs can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an additional 32% on average in Northern California, according to research from the University of California Berkeley
  • Smart charging, when combined with broad access to workplace charging infrastructure, enables plug-in electric vehicles to more than double their renewable energy usage
  • A smart-charging plug-in hybrid can integrate more renewable energy than a normal-charging all-battery electric vehicle, despite the smaller battery size


Source: PG&E, BMW


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