Friday, 26 March 2021 23:02

PG&E, BMW Group Taking Next Step in Powering EVs, Supporting Grid Reliability


...moving EV charging away from times when electricity is in high demand and toward times when there is less demand and also more renewable energy on the grid such as mid-day.


By responding to requests to move their EV charging times, drivers will support the electric grid and take advantage of clean, renewable energy. Additionally, using EVs as a flexible grid resource could ultimately lead to cost savings associated with operating and maintaining the grid as well as for customers owning an EV.


BMW ChargeForward Phase Three Program Participation


BMW expects approximately 3,000 BMW EV drivers in PG&E's service area to participate in this phase of the pilot. Interested consumers can complete an application at www.bmwchargeforward.com starting March 22. BMW hopes to expand the availability of the program to MINI electrified customers in the near future.


Through BMW ConnectedDrive---which enables connectivity among cars, drivers and their surroundings---and a customized BMW ChargeForward smartphone app, participating BMW drivers will be able to opt out of any smart charging request, based on their driving and personal preferences. When a customer allows their vehicle to be smart charged, the vehicle charging will be shifted to meet the needs of the electric grid.


Participating BMW EV drivers earn incentives for smart charging, including $150 at sign-up and up to an additional $250 per year by following ChargeForward recommendations. The total amount earned over the two years depends upon individual participation in charging events.


During the spring and fall months, program participants could earn incentives that offset the entire cost of charging their vehicle, charging 750 miles per month with clean electricity at no cost, due to the ChargeForward incentives and plugging into the grid when renewable energy is highly available.


BMW and PG&E ChargeForward Partnership


ChargeForward launched in 2015 to test the ability of EVs to support the electric grid and provide benefits to...

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