Monday, 22 February 2021 18:14

Tesla Megapack Battery Farm in Moss Landing, CA, Nearing Completion

Written by Maria Merano, Teslarati



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Tesla’s massive Megapack battery installation in Moss Landing, CA, is nearing completion.

A recent drone flyover of the site revealed most of the grid-scale batteries are already set up. It would not be surprising if the Moss Landing Megapack meets its early 2021 completion target and Q2 2021 full deployment goal. 


The site’s footage was shared on YouTube by EKMMetering, who dubbed the system one of the world’s largest energy storage installations. The Moss Landing Megapack will be a 182.5 MW/730 MWh system when completed, dwarfing projects like the Hornsdale Power Reserve, which held the crown of the world’s largest battery for some time. 


The Moss Landing Megapack farm will comprise 256 grid-scale battery units, practically all of which have already been set up in their designated location on the site.


The batteries are set up on 33 concrete slabs at PG&E’s Moss Landing electric substation. Once deployed, the massive Megapack farm is expected to help meet peak energy demands in the area, storing excess solar and wind energy generated when demand is low. 


This energy can then be used as...

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