Friday, 19 February 2021 16:15

Portland Auto Body Shops Flooded with Business After Historic Winter Storm

Written by Drew Reeves, KPTV News

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Auto body shops said they were seeing an increase in business following the Feb. 13-14 weekend’s historic snow and ice storm.

Mackin’s Auto Body in North Portland, OR, is one of those businesses, that said it is doing about four or five times its normal business.


“It’s been pretty crazy honestly,” said Michael Roy, who works at the business.


Many people may have been out of the office this week because of the slick roads, but that certainly was not the case at Mackin’s Auto Body.


"{Feb. 15} morning hit and then it seems like the phones never stopped ringing. We’ve got several cars that were damaged by either trees, poles or weather-related accidents,” Roy said.


They’re seeing a lot of cars that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many have been damaged by trees and limbs unable to hold the weight of the ice and snow this weekend.


It’s bringing business to an industry Roy said was hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, keeping up with business can be a challenge for them.


“Just tree claims alone, we’ve had six here, but on everything else, we’ve had about 20 since [Feb. 15] scheduling out,” said Roy.


Adding to their challenges is the winter weather that other parts of the country are experiencing.


“The State Farm in Texas, their roof collapsed, so their claims systems have been down, so people have not been able to get their claims processed in a timely fashion,” said Roy.


Roy said Mackin’s is working through claims as quickly as it can. He said they have seen about as many claims this week as they normally get in a month.


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