Wednesday, 27 January 2021 20:54

2020: Another Successful and Productive Year for CAWA


...the “State of the Aftermarket” that attracted several hundred participants.


Provided free sexual harassment training for employees, required by law, for members through a partnership with CoreMark Insurance Services.


Held training and informational programs for our members, including “Digital Disruption and the Future of the Aftermarket;" “Collaboration on a Full Channel Level;" and “Oh This Industry We Call the Aftermarket---What Now," to name a few.


Awarded scholarships (the Motorcar Parts of America-Selwyn Joffe Awards) to automotive high school teachers to assure their programs remained vibrant and relevant.


Supported career technical training in the states we represent.


Actively provided information and training on new technologies, including telematics, e-Commerce, ADAS and cybersecurity to educate members and others regarding the impact on the industry.


Promoted an industry specific online job board for companies and individuals through the CAWA Career Center.


Endorsed Programs and Services


Developed and implemented an insurance health trust in the state of Arizona and Nevada to provide quality and competitive insurance programs to the membership while reducing their premium payments.


Continued to provide quality and competitive business services including free legal consultation, insurance programs, website development services, credit card processing, financial services consultation and business forms, as examples.


Offered member discounted workers compensation and...

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