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Carson City, NV, Auto Body Shop Donates Car to Woman Who Lost Home, Vehicle, Family Member in Tragic Fire


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Rupert's Auto Body in Carson City, NV, has supported many causes through the years from youth sports and organizations, to children's programs and local schools.

We have also taken special pride in providing support to the Washoe Tribe and its members.


On Sept. 8, 2020 tragedy struck the household of a beloved tribal elder, Dinah Pete, of Woodfords, CA. An electrical fire resulted in the complete loss of her home and vehicle. Even more tragic was the loss of a precious granddaughter.


Several other people in the house sustained injuries, and neighbors broke windows in an attempt to come to the aid of those inside. Unfortunately the fire continued to spread and resulted in the burning of the adjacent house and trailer.


When we learned of this horrific event, we wanted to extend help and support in some way to the families involved. We saw there was an area where we could offer support and assistance, by providing a vehicle to replace the one that was lost in the fire.


We recently had a customer whose car sustained damages more than the value of the vehicle, and she desired to donate the vehicle to the shop. We opted to make all of the repairs for free and then use the car as a donation to Pete.


The customer who donated the car was very happy to hear...

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