Thursday, 17 December 2020 21:33

Tesla Model Y Police Cruisers Ordered by Spokane, WA, Council Against City Officials’ Advice

Written by Simon Alvarez, Teslarati


...at least three to four hours per day.


“That would offer some room for charging the proposed electric vehicles,” he said. 


The purchase of the all-electric vehicles was a victory of sorts for Council President Breban Beggs, who has been fighting for EVs for some time now. Beggs has previously lamented the hesitation of city officials over the buildout of an EV charging infrastructure in the city.


“This is a great time to pilot this and see how it works. It would take essentially one charger to be installed,” Beggs said. 


As noted by the Review, the Tesla Model Y police cruisers would cost an estimated $418,088, a rather steep price considering a fully-loaded Model Y Performance with Full Self-Driving costs less than $75,000. A grant will be covering $200,000 of the project’s cost. 


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