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Fix Auto in Campbell, CA, Achieves VeriFacts Automotive Verified Quality Designation 


Darryl Shiozawa, owner of Fix Auto in Campbell, CA, began working in his father’s shop at age 15.

In 2012, he opened his own shop, Shiro’s Collision Center, which he built from the ground up. He refers to it as “a dream come true!”
Shortly after opening, Shiozawa contacted VeriFacts Automotive, because he wanted to ensure his team had the best training in the latest repair procedures recommended by many of the OEMs.


In 2016, Shiozawa joined the Fix Auto USA network to continue his growth. Shiozawa’s shop recently earned the highly regarded VeriFacts Verified Quality (VQ) designation from VeriFacts Automotive.
The VeriFacts VQ program ensures a repair facility has all the resources to achieve a safe and proper repair. The VeriFacts Automotive coaches not only teach and train, but also perform on-site and virtual visits to verify technician repair skills, methodologies and overall quality processes.


Collision repair facilities that achieve the VeriFacts Automotive VQ designation are recognized for their commitment to the highest standards in collision repair.
“VeriFacts Automotive was a must,” said Shiozawa. “It is easy to implement procedures, but very difficult to ensure they are being followed regularly. With the monthly visits by the VeriFacts coaches, auditing of repairs, training and coaching, VeriFacts Automotive helps us reinforce these important quality processes.”
Shiozawa credits his shop achieving VQ status, in part, to...

...the approach that VeriFacts and their coaches take.
“The VeriFacts Automotive coaches helped us establish a regular process of weld testing,” said Shiozawa. “And because we warranty all our repairs, corrosion protection processes and procedures training is very important to us.


"As an owner of a collision repair shop, you must protect the safety of the vehicle owner, protect your reputation and the investment in your business. Verifacts Automotive helps ensure my team is using the correct OEM recommended repair procedures, and that every repair we make is a safe and proper repair. That helps me to sleep better at night!”


Source: VeriFacts Automotive

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