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Will New Privacy Act Truly Protect CA Shops and their Customers?

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Will New Privacy Act Truly Protect CA Shops and their Customers? CAA Executive Director Richard Johnson has been keeping his members up to date on the new California Consumer Privacy Act and how it can impact body shops.


“Our main concern is that unfortunately, when uploading an estimate or ordering parts from third-party vendors, some estimate software systems may not be protecting consumer information as well as you might think,” he said. “The CCPA grants California consumers an entire set of new rights to access, delete and/or opt out of the sale of their data while placing restrictions on entities that collect, store and sell Californians’ personal information.


"We are working hard to learn everything about the CCPA, so that we can successfully share the information with our members and keep them ahead of the game.”


The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) estimates more than 500,000 businesses in the U.S., including more than 100,000 businesses in California alone, will need to comply with this new law.


This data in question includes customer name, vehicle license number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN.) The VIN carries with it everything needed to identify the vehicle in detail. Some parties sell this information to other vendors that use this information to other vendors that use it to produce vehicle history reports or other purposes.


To address this issue, some estimate software system vendors have taken appropriate measures to comply with the new California laws and protect consumer information by creating a “secure” system.


For example, CCC has developed a “secure share program," CCC Secure Share, that is getting positive reviews from the industry. It enables body shops to quickly and easily share data from the CCC ONE platform in real time with any registered third-party app using the BMS format.


Within this platform, collision repairers are able to browse through a listing of available apps and may choose to activate or de-activate sharing with those apps at any time.

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