Thursday, 08 October 2020 22:35

Auto Dealers Fighting the Impact of West Coast Wildfires

Written by Juliet Guerra, NADA


In Jackson County, OR, three local car dealership owners contributed $75,000 to the United Way of Jackson County Fire Fund. TC Chevy owner Derek DeBoer, Airport Chevrolet owner Steve Miller and Southern Oregon Subaru owner Randy Nidalmia each donated $25,000 to the fund after the Almeda fire destroyed parts of Talent and Phoenix.


“We were right in the thick of it from the beginning; the fire was coming right at our dealership, but ultimately made a lucky move and missed us,” said DeBoer. “Our staff jumped into action and used some of our vehicles to help surrounding people evacuate. I was so proud of how the entire team here responded. We really try to be as supportive as we can in our community and this one was clearly devastating.”


These are two examples of dealership philanthropy related to the devastating wildfires hitting the West Coast. Dealers nationwide are committed to keeping their local communities not only surviving and thriving.


Source: NADA

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